Should Gamers Brave Black Friday?

black friday

In case you weren’t aware, Black Friday, the infamous shopping holiday that causes all of us to lose our minds and trample over granny to save 50 cents on a coffeepot is next week.

We want to make sure you are prepared to get the best deal out there, and hopefully not actually trample granny because the best deals aren’t where you’d expect them.

XBox One S

Dell continues to have one of the best deals online with it’s Xbox One S deal for $249.99. Included with the 500 GB console is two wireless controllers and a copy of both Battlefield 1 and Gears of War 4. This offer goes live on November 24th, you can read their press release here.

Don’t like playing split screen or hate Michael Dell, then check out Kohl’s deal, where for $249 you get the 500 GB console bundled with a copy of Minecraft. The best part is that this bundle also includes $75 in Kohl’s cash (which you can use to buy granny that coffee maker). This deal is rumored to go live on November 21st.

PS4 Pro

Best Buy has a pretty awesome deal if you are ready to embrace some next level gaming. For $749 they have bundled the new console with a Toshiba 55″ 4K LED TV. I mean if you are ready for next level gaming you can’t be caught using one of those plebeian 1080p televisions right? This deal goes live on November 24th.

PS4 Slim

No real standout deals on this console. Most retailers will have the console for $249 bundled with Uncharted 4. Walmart will also give you a $30 gift card and Kohl’s will give  you $75 in Kohl’s cash. Gamestop will also include a copy of your choice of The Last Of Us Remastered or Ratchet & Clank if you pick it up on November 25th.

Wii U

You do know that the Switch is coming out in March and Nintendo is treating the Wii U like your weird cousin right? (if you don’t know which cousin is the weird one then it may be you).