Try The Rogue One – A Star Wars 360 Experience

star wars

Have you ever wanted to fly an X-wing for the Rebellion? Well, this is your chance to try it out… right now.

A cool new video experience on YouTube gives you the chance to see a short scene from the Star Wars universe where you can adjust the camera and get a full 360 degree view.

Of course you are fighting the Empire and there is some awesome 360 flying action with a few star ships.

Try it out here.

The video is connected to the new “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” move that is coming out on December 16th.

Less than one month away from the publication of this story. YAY!

The Rogue One storyline picks up after episode three where Darth Vader was fitted in his iconic suit and before the episode four where Luke begins his quest to return R2 to the rebellion.

The new Star Wars movie should feel nostalgic and new at the same time and we can’t wait.