Stranger Things: Proof Of Monster’s Identity

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I loved Stranger Things, but like any good horror movie, we know the identity of the Monster by the end. In Stranger Things, we are left wondering what happened to the Monster and Eleven, but are there enough clues that prove who the monster really is.
We think so..

Who is the Monster in season one of Stranger Things? Read below or watch the video!

Where do we start? How about in the sixth episode, the one named Monster. I bet we find some clues there. We meet a new character and discover the past of Eleven. We meet Ele’s mother… kind of. She is out of it, doesn’t say a word, but seems to at least be somewhat aware of what is going on. She makes eye contact and turns away when she is shown a picture of Will. She also closes her eyes. She turns to Hopp when he mentions Dr. Brenner.

We also learned of the secret MK Ultra experiments by the CIA. Experiments that was rampant with sex and drugs. Terry Ives became pregnant, most likely by Dr. Martin Brenner. In the scene at the table we learn that the Man with a capital M ran it. The capital M is significant. It could stand for Martin Brenner. Capitalized because it is a name.

In the scene when we meet the mother, she has a round glass jar that is full of matches. In literal terms it could mean she has a fireball. Interesting. What is also interesting is the little black box on top of the books beside Terry. It looks like it has a positive and negative space. Could the box symbolize that there is more to Terry than we think?

We also learned that Terry searched and searched and eventually lost all senses and sense. We first learn of the mother and the missing child when Hopper was researching in the library in episode three.

We learn of Terry Ives while Hopper is looking at the negatives old newspaper articles. It is very curious that Ives is shown in the reverse. Maybe the upside down?

There is one glaring clue that stands out regarding the Library. Where else would a mother go to do research looking for her daughter but a Library? Ironically, the monster’s home base was in the library at the end of episode 8. That is where Will would have ended up if it wasn’t for Hopper and Joyce.

This event has been very difficult on Will’s mom. Joyce is often told that she is close to the edge or don’t fall into a hole you can’t get out of. What if… the silent, “out of it” mother, Terry Ives is the monster. Stuck inside of her own mind.

What if, Ives fell off that edge and went in that hole. Since she was a subject of MK Ultra, when she fell off that cliff she went to a different place. It wasn’t until she actually made contact with her daughter did she try to return. By then, it was too late. She had spent so much time in the hole, the created an alternative dimension where she became a monster longing to be a mother and searching for her daughter.

In the episode called, The Monster, we learn that eleven was sent in the deprivation tank to go looking for the monster and to make contact. Papa said, he wants her to make contact. At same time, Hopper and Joyce are making contact with Terry Ives.

Brenner said, “It’s reaching out to you. It wants you. It’s calling for you.” Next we see Ele go into the black space between the two worlds. She looks lost in a sea of black. The very next scene is the most telling.

The show cuts from the black sea to Ele in the store and the manager asking her, “Are you lost? Is your Mom here?” If the mother is the monster, then the dialogue could have two meanings. Very sneaky, but points to the connection in the merging story lines.

The very next scene is when Joyce and Hopper make contact with Ives for the first time. Tying the different story lines together in Stranger Things.

To really understand the connections, we have to look and see what do we know about the monster?

What is the monster attracted to? – Blood

If Terry Ives is the monster then she is searching for her blood. Her daughter, her blood offspring.

What does the monster feed on? – Deer

The monster fed on a deer in the woods, which is strange because a picture on the wall at the end of the series shows two deer, which could symbolize Will and Jonathan. Will was the deer that the monster fed on.

What does the monster look like? – No face (no senses)

The monster doesn’t have a face, just a mouth. Remember what we learned about the mother? She fell so deep into her mind she lost all sense of senses. A faceless monster wouldn’t have eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell or a tongue to taste. The only sense it did feel during the entire show was touch. When Eleven touched the monster in the flashback, that is what created the rift between two worlds… the monster was trying to connect back to the real world. Back with her daughter.

Where does the monster come from? – Government

In Stranger Things, the government created MK Ultra experiments and the monster escaped from a government facility in the opening scene. The clue here is that the government is responsible for the monster and because of their experiments in the past, those horrors are catching up with them. The experiments gave Ives the ability to create another dimension in her mind. They created this monster. They stole her child and lied about it. Possibly impregnated her too! They are to blame for this monster.

Where did the other skull come from? Government

Remember when the government tied that poor guy to the rope like poltergeist and sent him inside the other dimension. He was killed by the monster and brought back to the Library. Since he was killed and cut in half, he couldn’t help the mother hatch an egg.

That is where Will came in, she tried to take Will and got him into the other dimension, but he hid from her until the very end. So now, the monster killed one guy, can’t find the other, so she goes for Barb.

Barb becomes the live specimen that she needed to raise the egg, and after she served her purpose, the monster let Barb die. So whatever creature came out of that egg is technically the offspring of Eleven’s mother and Barb. That’s kind of weird.

What does the monster create? – Child

In the final episode when Joyce and Hopper are in the upside down, they discover what looks like a hatched egg from Alien. If this is a creation or child of the monster, then the monster is a mother. Interesting… you know who else is a mother? Ives!

During the scene where 11 explains where Will is, she uses the two headed Demogorgon to symbolize the monster. If the monster is Terry Ives, then she has two heads. One in both worlds.

When 11 kills the monster at the end of chapter eight, in theory, that should wake the mother up. Are there any signs that the mother woke from her vegetable state? Yes.

At the very end when Hopper enters the station and we see the bulletin board, there is a quote from someone called “Ives” that says mentions a statement to the press about her “disgust” of the Hawkins Governmental Organization saying “our own American people are being treated like the enemy.”

If it turns out that Ives is the mother, then that is true. The government treated her like the enemy and the monster during the entire first season.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that the monster is the mother of Eleven, then here is one last clue.

If the monster put something inside of Will that is growing, then she is connected to Will. She is inside of him. In the first scene we see of Will when he is back in the Real World, he is in the hospital.

Notice what Will is connected to in the hospital. No other machines, just an IV. Pumping fluids into his system. IV is very similar to IVES, the last name of the mother.

There are enough clues that point to the mother and no clues that point to anything else. If for no other reason, why even bring her into the story if she wasn’t important? Especially a character that didn’t speak.

It makes sense though; the silent woman is the silent monster. The woman who is lost in her mind is the one that created the new dimension. Did Eleven “destroy” the monster, or were the two sucked into another dimension?

That is a question that we will learn in season 2 of Stranger Things, but at least for now, we know who the monster is. Well, at least we think we do!