Kings of Leon Announce New Album: Walls

kings of leon

RCA has officially confirmed that Kings of Leon’s seventh studio album will be released this year on October 14th.

The band’s official twitter account made the announcement, along with the album title Walls, last week.

The band used Markus Dravs, who has previously worked with Arcade Fire and Mumford & Sons, to produce the follow up to 2013’s Mechanical Bull. Angelo Petraglia, who produced all six of its previous albums, was dropped because the band decided he was “too safe”.

Dravs reportedly had a big impact on the album with band member Jared Followill saying that “[Dravs] just said things that nobody had ever said to us. Like, ‘I don’t like that song, that’s not good, we can move on from that.’ ”

Describing the experience, lead guitarist Matthew Followill said “it all flowed together, we were just like, ‘This guy is a genius.’ ”

The opening track, Waste A Moment, expected to be the first single, will hit radios September 12th.

Here is the track list:

01. Waste A Moment
02. Reverend
03. Around The World
04. Find Me
05. Over
06. Muchacho
07. Conversation Piece
08. Eyes On You
09. Wild