iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Pro Release Date And Information

iphone 7

The new iPhone 7 release is just around the corner, and the rumors are really starting to heat up.

Just announced! New iPhone release date is September 7th, 2016.

The biggest news about the release is that the headphone jack is going the way of the answering machine! The new iPhones will need an adapter to use headphones.

There are rumors that there will be three different options, and they might be dropping the number behind the iPhone.

If you want to catch up with all the underground tech talk, Zone of Tech has done a good job of putting together all the rumors into one video.

The new iPhone is the talk of the town once again, and the price keeps going up, but there are more options.

The iPhone revolutionized the telecommunications, social, gaming and computer industries since it’s inception back in 2007.

Next year, Apple will celebrate 10 years of iPhones. The smart phone has truly changed our lives and this is the next installment of Steve Jobs’ original creation. Hopefully Apple will take the phone to the next level and deliver a product that Steve would be proud of.

If Apple can deliver, then the company will continue to hold it’s market share despite an encroaching Samsung.

Do you plan on getting the new iPhone when it comes out, will you wait, or do you like other brands? Let us know in the comments below.