10 Freaky Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be Real

urban legends

Awesome new video compilation of 10 really freaky urban legends that turned out to be real. We don’t recommend you watching this before you go to bed.

We’ve all heard those urban legends about the “Kentucky Fried Rat” or the catastrophic mixture of Coca-Cola and Pop-Rocks, but we still eat KFC and we have all at least tried Pop-Rocks and Coke at least once.

We did it because we knew they were not real, but what if Pop-Rocks and Coke really could kill you! I’d be dead, but some urban legends really turn out to be true.

Here is a really cool video about 10 freaky rumored stories that turned out to be real. Number 10 is crazy!!!

Wait a minute… did that last one really prove that Demolition Man could be true? Simon Phoenix could really come back and attack us at Taco Bell in the future?

John Spartan will one day knit a great sweater! At least finally we get to find out how to use the three shells.

If you didn’t get those Demolition Man references, then watch this.

Now that we are caught up, which of the 10 freakiest urban legends can you not believe? Let us know in the comments below.